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Who's Who in our SSA

Whilst everyone is a automatically a member of the PTA when their child joins Saxon there are also a number of other named roles which members can volunteer for: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Class Representatives.

We are mindful of the myriad of other commitments we all have through work and family and so look to find ways of ensuring no one person is overloaded with a role in any way.  As a consequence our named roles are all shared by two or three people.

Chair Michelle Williams
Vice Chair Natalie Hopper
Secretary vacant
Treasurer Gemma Carman

School Representatives

Headteacher Miss Morris
Headteacher Mrs Davis
EY's & KS1 Phase Leader Mrs Vaughan

To help in administrative and practical ways, not least by drumming up support from parents in their class, each class has class representatives.  We have some volunteers already but if you would like to put your name forward please email info.saxon@lumenlearningtrust.co.uk - the more the merrier!

Class Representatives
Reception (RL) Mrs Kennedy, Mrs Saunders  (RB) Mrs Wilson, Mrs Campbell
Year 1 Mrs Hopper
Year 2 Mrs Hopper, Mrs Bennett
Year 3 Mrs Sharp, Mrs Rabbetts
Year 4 Mrs McVey, Miss Harris
Year 5 Mrs French
Year 6 Mrs Moreton, Mrs Sharp

You are automatically a member of the SSA when your child joins Saxon, but if you are interested in becoming a class representative, or assisting the SSA in any other way, please contact us via the school office: info.saxon@lumenlearningtrust.co.uk

Saxon Primary School