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The National Curriculum places strong emphasis on the development of experimental and investigative science (Scientific Enquiry). It also provides children with knowledge and understanding in topics such as ‘Life Processes and Living Things', ‘Materials and their Properties', ‘Physical Processes' (electricity, forces, motion, light and sound), and the ‘Earth in Space'.

Our curriculum is organised into topics that year by year build on children's prior knowledge and skills. They are taught the skills of prediction, testing results, measuring and recording accurately and explaining what they have discovered. We aim to ensure that, through Science, pupils will extend their knowledge and understanding of the natural and physical world and thereby develop a fascination and respect and ultimately a sense of responsibility for our world and the creatures and plants that inhabit it.

In recognition of our provision in this area of the curriculum we gained the Eco Schools Bronze Award in 2012 and in 2013 we gained the Gold Primary Science Quality Mark.

Saxon Primary School