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The aim of History is to help children understand that the world in which they live has been shaped by developments in the past. At Key Stage 1 the curriculum is designed to introduce children to the idea of time, the ways in which the past was different from the present and to learn about the lives of significant historical figures. A child's own family history provides a natural starting point. Children will learn that they can investigate the past through photographs and artefacts. Stories also play an important part in bringing the past to life.

At Key Stage 2, children's knowledge of British History is further developed through study units including life in Roman Britain, Anglo-Saxon, Tudor and Victorian times and WWII.  They will also learn about the ancient civilisations of the Greeks and Egyptians.  In Upper Key Stage 2, the children will use their historical knowledge of Britain to make comparisons with The Aztecs and how their society differed from our own.

Saxon Primary School