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At Saxon we believe it is our responsibility to prepare our pupils to be confident and safe users of technology. We aim to develop skills that will equip the children to be proficient, creative and effective users of ICT in a rapidly developing society. The curriculum offered reflects this as we teach the children to design, write and debug programs. We use a range of software and devices to teach children to present information in new and exciting ways for example video, animation, creating sound and photography. We are committed to widening our pupil’s horizons and as such are constantly looking for ways to expand our use of technology. Computing is not a stand-alone subject but rather something which permeates through every aspect of school life. We aim to provide opportunities for children to learn through technology in all curriculum areas.

We constantly strive to maintain and update our computer resources and ensure ICT is an integral aspect to all the learning opportunities throughout the curriculum rathern than just as a separate subject on its own.  In this context we have developed the use of iPads and laptops which are used throughout the school as another resource or tool of choice for the children.  They have also formed an integral aspect of the assessment procedures for our teachers who can now store a much wider-range of relevant information which supports the assessment processes.

Saxon Primary School