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As part of the School Development Plan, which is an action plan that covers all aspects of school life, we constantly review the provision to support the children’s experiences through play at lunchtime.  The school has considered the external recommendations and put together a time line for developments.  The plans are ambitious and the extent of the developments are dependent on funding that can be raised and the help and support of volunteers.

We are delighted that the first phase of the developments of our Playpod Scrapstore has been so successful and been embedded into our play for four years so far. We are so grateful to the SSA who have supported the funding of the Playpod Scrapstore donating a significant £10,000!  For those interested in finding out more about how the children use the Play pod, information about them can be found on the following website: Playpod Facts. or to see it in action the following clip can be viewed here.

In the Summer of 2016 the children and many helpful volunteer parents all took part in creating wonderful Rainforest murals and fence paintings for the playground. These have really brightened up the playground and created beautiful, inspiring pathways for the children when moving through the different playgrounds.

Our Trim Trail alongside small sand pits and a climbing wall were installed in Summer 2017 this has been a great development to play; proving ever popular with the children!





We are now excited to start our next developments to play provision. We have currently been consulting with the school council about what play markings the children would like to have to support play and we are hoping to raise enough money to install our playground stage and seating to give the children another focus and to engage in their love of drama and performance. Parents will continue to be updated on developments through our weekly newsletters.

Saxon Primary School