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    Cut off dates for booking a Camp Day session

    We operate a 48 hour cut off period for each Camp Day session. This is to ensure activities and resources are adequately prepared to cater for the number of children attending on the day. It also means we have the appropriate number of Camp staff on site to ensure your child is safe and supervised to the high standards Lumen strive to provide at all times.

    In the table below you can see the cut off times to book each session so if you have last minute change of plans you can organise your childcare as needed.

    It's 6pm and something has come up for tomorrow. I can't book online though. Help!
    Panic not, we understand plans change. At the end of each day any additional free spaces that have not yet been booked for the following day will be advertised via our Facebook page for purchase. Just follow the instructions given to arrange a place for your child. You can reach our Facebook page by clicking  here.

    Booking Deadlines

    Camp Day Session Deadline to book online
    Monday 29th July 11.59pm on Friday 26th July
    Tuesday 30th July 11.59pm on Saturday 27th July
    Wednesday 31st July 11.59pm on Sunday 28th July
    Thursday 1st August 11.59pm on Monday 29th July
    Friday 2nd August 11.59pm on Tuesday 30th July
    Monday 5th August 11.59pm on Friday 2nd August
    Tuesday 6th August 11.59pm on Saturday 3rd August
    Wednesday 7th August 11.59pm on Sunday 4th August
    Thursday 8th August 11.59pm on Monday 5th August
    Friday 9th August 11.59pm on Tuesday 6th August
    Monday 12th August 11.59pm on Friday 9th August
    Tuesday 13th August 11.59pm on Saturday 10th August
    Wednesday 14th August 11.59pm on Sunday 11th August
    Thursday 15th August 11.59pm on Monday 12th August
    Friday 16th August 11.59pm on Tuesday 13th August