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Concerns & Complaints

Whilst we hope that the seven years your child spends with us are productive and happy, we understand that as in any partnership or relationship, sometimes things happen which give rise to some concern.  

The best person to make contact with in the first instance is your child's class teacher.  As they are working with the children all day every day, they are best-placed to take the necessary action that will alleviate the issue or concern quickly and without causing further upset.  

Should the concern remain then there are a number of other team members you can meet with to discuss the issue and identify a way forward starting with your child's Year Group Leader and moving onto their Phase Leader (all the relevant names are on the Who's Who section of the website).  If the matter is still a concern you are welcome to ask for an appointment with the Headteacher or Deputy.

As a school we understand that each child is an individual and consequently any concerns that may arise will be treated individually.  Regardless of how similar a concern might appear to be, the teachers and leadership team will nevertheless work with parents and carers on a separate basis as the solution for each child is likely to be slightly different.  This approach also supports a context of open and honest communication underpinned by the usual expectations of confidentiality.

Please click here to be taken to our Lumen Learning Trust policy page where you are able to view our Concerns & Complaints Policy in full.

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